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A wrought iron grid to be built or a weld to be made? The welding machine proves to be of great use when you have such projects to carry out. Very practical and efficient, this device allows you to go through all your welding work and successfully bond the metals used [More on welding]. Provided of course to find the device adapted to your need. Then, with the iron, the flame or the arc, which welding station to choose? A soldering station for what to do?
Seen from the outside, the welding station is a kind of battery equipped with a switch, a potentiometer and two connectors (negative and positive). But for a wise user, it is a sophisticated ventilated transformer used to alloy metals (steel, iron, stainless steel, aluminum) by welding or soldering. For this purpose, this tool converts the AC current it receives into a direct current whose intensity you will have adjusted. Since the latter can be dangerous, IP23 class insulation prevents electrocution and electrification.

Depending on the use you want to make and the temperature to be reached, soldering stations are available on the market in several types and marks (Stanley for example), each characterized by a power supply, voltage and current power of Output, isolation and cooling capabilities. The operating rate, the additional devices and the criteria of the welding torch are also part of its characteristics.

The welding machine and its various models
Using either a power supply or diesel, it is the most resistant welding tool on the market. It provides between 4,500 ° C and 25,000 ° C temperature and allows to work all metals except gold, silver, tin, zinc and lead. You will be able to obtain a quality stainless steel welding by using it. In this category you will find five major positions, including the independent welding group and the arc welding machine.

Iron welding stations
Iron-welding stations are recommended when working with zinc, lead and tin. They include soldering irons and welding stations. The particularity with its machines is that it is necessary first to heat a point and then direct it on the steels to be assembled. But if both use electricity, the maximum temperature provided by each of them is different. Indeed, connected to an electrical sector, the iron on its tip allows to reach 400 ° C. For its part, the welding station can deliver up to 5,000 ° C.

The flame welding machine and its variants
With all of the different gas bottles, appliances in this category do not need to be connected to an electrical mains. They allow to work metals like zinc, silver, gold, lead, copper, tin and common steel or to make an aluminum weld. Depending on the energy used, there are some that have a soldering lamp. This model works through gas combustion and provides up to 700 ° C of temperature.

As the name suggests, the oxygen-acetylene torch works thanks to a mixture of oxygen and acetylene. This type of machine is suitable for work requiring a flame of 3000 ° C. This makes it possible to obtain a very powerful welding.
Gas soldering stations use butane or propane, which is very easy to find. This allows them to deliver an adjustable flame of up to 1,500 ° C and whose intensity lasts longer.

The arc welding machine and its variants
Can supply up to 3600 ° C temperature, the Mig Mag is a device suitable for high intensity work. As its name suggests, this arc welding station uses Metal Inert Gas (MIG) and Metal Active Gas (MAG) technologies. This allows it to propose semi-auto welding to solid-solid wire coils requiring an inert gas (Argon) and an active gas. Its latest, providing stability and best appearance of welding, protect it from corrosion.

The Inverter welding machine can be used by welding beginners. 14 inch band saw reviews Easily adjustable, it can be used even at a voltage of 50 V on metals of 2 to 10 mm. Moreover, the device makes it possible to benefit from a comfort of use, a saving of electricity and a better appearance of welding. Compact and lightweight, it can also be carried anywhere.


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